Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Rugby Ball is upon us!

Sunday I got to school and did some walk throughs with my Vice Principal. I then went to the teacher shop to get circuits for my teachers. This term in science they are working on the physical world and matter. The kids love this term of science more than any other because they get to build things. 

When I got back to school I went to a KG meeting. I missed these in Term 2 because I was working with my head of faculty friends on our assessments. I guess I now have to get back in the habit of attending these meetings.  

After school I searched for the last decorations I needed for the ball, but couldn’t find them. I knew I was going to have to go with Plan B. If I knew what that was it would be beneficial for sure. 

Stuart and I went to the resort party that was held for the staff. It was a free meal, which was nice. We love the staff at the rugby club. It was nice to see them celebrating. 

Monday was a bit hectic. Im not exactly a fan of school at the moment, so sometimes the days are a bit longer than I like. It was a hectic Monday. I picked Millie up from

school. Because we had to go back 40 minutes later to collect Jack, I decided to take Millie to the McDonald’s play land. I also got the kids food. 

Once we had picked up Jack, I took Millie to her follow up appointment for her ear. I ended up finding some flowers for my centerpieces and decided I would spray paint them. As soon as we got home I got changed and headed to bootcamp. Stuart didn’t go to training so the kids stayed at the house with him instead of coming to the club. 

Once I was home, I showered. Millie was already in bed. Jack was fed and showered. I simply melted into the sofa for the evening. 

Tuesday I had a meeting with my principal. Our cluster manager showed up as well. It was all over the practical joke she played on my teacher. I just bit my tongue and we hugged it out. She deflected the issue on to me, which makes no sense. I only have 3 weeks at school until my surgery, so I’ve decided to just lay low until then. 

I picked Millie up from school and we went to dance. After her dance class, I dropped her at the house and went golfing. We went out to the course and drive balls from the tee. I can hit the crap out of that thing. 

Cathy came home with me to help me spray paint the flowers for center pieces. We ordered dinner and continued to work on the center pieces.  

Wednesday we had a head of faculty meeting, which kept my from having to go to my school. We mapped out what we needed to do to help students be ready for their end of year exams. 

I was home for a couple of hours before I had to get Jack from his judo class. Millie was picked up by Cathy and had gone to a dentist appointment with Claire. 

I planned to go to bootcamp but had to count tickets and money for the ball. When we closed ticket sales we had sold 108 tickets. This was about 30 more than we had anticipated. The ball was sure to be a success. We got home, took showers, fed everyone and had more time preparing for the ball. We had rock candy made with the Al Ain Amblers colors. It was so cool. We wrapped it and put it in some gold candy dishes. 

In the evening I was informed that my principal told everyone I would be off for 6 weeks. She asked them if I had told them. Funny, she never asked ME if I had told them. I really thought that was my news to tell, not hers. Ugh!

At school on Thursday I mainly did Rugby Ball work. I typed up the seating chart and made final preparations. After school, Stuart picked the kids up and took them to the dentist. The candy kid had to have a root canal. She then told me she was going to brush her teeth 5 times a day from now on. I don’t see that lasting. 

Once everyone was home, we headed to the club for the youth awards. I stayed for the presentations and then headed home to finish up the center pieces and wrapping candy. Cathy came over and brought the items she had purchased while in Dubai that day. We came up short of a few things needed for the center pieces. Thank goodness she had to go to Dubai for another reason. 

We finished getting everything together just before 10 pm. Everything was finally ready to take to McGettigans, the venue for the ball. 

I tried to get a good night’s sleep, but I was so excited for the best night of the season! We didn’t have a ball last year because the social secretary didn’t really plan it.  So the pressure was on for this to be a fantastic event. 

After breakfast, I took the decorations to McGettigans and then headed back to our house for my make-up to be done. Cathy came over as well. She had her make-up done first and then headed to the hair dresser. She and Claire took Millie with them. 

Once my make-up was finished I also headed to the hair dresser. My co-social secretary had worked a deal with a client of hers. Those of us going to the ball received a 50% discount for a treatment. So of course I decided I needed a mani/pedi as well as an up do. It was a nice pampering day. 

Once my hair was done, I headed to McGettigans to set up the tables. Hannah showed up shortly after I got there. The set up was quick and easy. The venue was gorgeous. We were so excited. Of course, Stuart was the first one to show up. Once the guests arrived, the party started. We had a welcome speech from our chairman and the party was off and running. Throughout the night, we gave prizes, ate a wonderful buffet, had drinks, danced and chatted. It was, without question, a huge success! 

Cathy and I had a glass of bubbly. 

Martini on the rocks!

Me and Lara. 

My friend Jane. 


Saturday morning I got up and headed to McGettigans to get our decorations. Not everything survived, but I gathered what did survive and brought it home to be sorted out. 

Henry had spent the night on Friday, so When Stuart dropped me at McGettigans, he took the kids to Bounce. Once I was finished, I headed to the mall and met Stuart for a coffee. When the kids had finished bouncing, Stuart took them home. I went to get lunch from McDonalds and all was right with the world. 

Around 4 pm, Scott and Clare came over for dinner. We ordered Chinese and enjoyed our regular Saturday evening together. It was a successful weekend.  

Sunday, April 15, 2018

They’re back!

Sunday was the first day with kids for Term 3, and most of them were at school. My principal wasn’t there which was nice for me. Although we made nice and things should be fine the rest of the year, I still am a bit guarded. 

I picked the kids up from school. I bribed Millie to read to me. The power of money is so amazing. After homework, the kids watched television and Jack ate three sandwiches. Someone tell me when his eating frenzy will stop. They went outside to play basketball after a snack and stayed out until almost dark, which we never let them do. 

They came in to shower and eat. After dinner they went upstairs for some television time. I Skyped Grammie and Pop, but Millie was already in bed. Jack followed to bed after the Skype call was over. 

Because my sleep habits are horrible, I’ve started setting an alarm for myself for when it’s time to go to bed each night. I’ve actually gone to bed the last two evenings before the ‘bedtime’ alarm went off. So maybe that’s a good tactic for me. We shall see. 

I was up and walking on Monday morning at 5 am. My principal wasn’t at school again on Monday. I copied reading materials and attempted to give our grade 3 kids an exam that they are required to take each term. Our computers have been acting up at school so we didn’t get the exams completed before spring break. 

After school I went to Gift City to find decorations for the ball. I didn’t find a great deal, but found some things that will make the ball more beautiful. I came home and got ready for bootcamp. Why oh why did I decide to do bootcamp? Waaaaaaa!

Stuart brought the kids to the club and I took them home after my beating at bootcamp. Stuart stayed for Rugby training as they were preparing for the finals on Friday. 

When we got home the kids showered and had some fruit. Jack showed me that he had taught himself to fake fart. Boys are special, for sure. 

Tuesday I continued to do testing of the grade 3 kids. I finished most of the students, but some were absent. After school I got into it with one of my teacher. She wasn’t prepared for a lesson and tried to convince me she was. I’m not a fan of people like that. 

I picked the kids up from school, stopped at the house, then was off to the rugby club to meet with Hannah. Stuart came to the club and brought Cathy. We went to the golf club for our next set of lessons. 

Look who got a new golf skort!

After golf we went to town center to find some things for decorations for the ball. We didn’t find a lot, but it’s slowly coming together. Cathy and I came back to the house and Stuart had made yellow curry for us. 

Wednesday morning my body was sore. I went to school and tested some students again. I had a doctor’s appointment after school where I was informed that I would be having my baby house taken out on May 10. 

Wednesday evening I went to bootcamp and it was better. My muscles didn’t spasm and I actually thought I would be okay doing this for a month. 

I brought the kids home from the club with a bit of fuss, but had another lecture for them so hoping they get the message for next Monday. 

Thursday I went to school and told my principal I was going to be out for 6 weeks. She didn’t seem terribly fused by it. In fact, I think she was relieved she wouldn’t have to see me for 6 weeks. Sadly, the feeling might be mutual. 

I picked Claire and Millie up from school and we went to Abelas to shop for dinner stuff. Scott and Clare came over around 5:30 pm for tacos. It was their anniversary. Jack had gone to Adam’s for a sleepover. 

Friday, Stuart made breakfast and Cathy and Claire came over. Jack got home from his sleepover with Adam. He decided he would stay with Stuart until the rugby finals that would take place at 6:30 pm in Dubai. 

Cathy, Claire, Millie and I went shopping for the rest of the Rugby Ball decorations. We found a phenomenal craft store in Dubai, which almost fulfilled all of my needs for the party. We made it to the rugby match, and they won. Stuart nearly got into a fight with a very large man. He was definitely sore from that match, but I would guess he would say it was worth it. 

Stuart is throwing the ball in. 

Once we were home from Dubai, we ordered food from 101 Cafeteria. Cathy and I then decided to start making the center pieces for the ball. I finally took her home at 12:30 am. 

These are the center pieces and the table numbers. 

I came home and finished the table numbers and then sat down to watch a little television, falling asleep almost immediately. 

Saturday morning I got up and FaceTimed my Bunco Babes, who informed me that they had not played Bunco all year. What a shock that was to me. It was great to speak to everyone and it made me long for my home friendships. I suppose three years will fly as fast as these past five years have. 

We went to a birthday party for Jack’s friend, Louie Rouvi. 

Nothing better than a pool party!

Then we ended up doing some mall shopping for Stuart’s dress shirt for the ball. We walked around the mall for a bit and I purchased some prizes for the ball. Jack got a new pair of Converse, which he is very proud to wear. 

We got home around 3:30 pm, then headed to the Richardson’s for dinner. We are their Saturday regulars. It rained while we were there and the kids played in the rain. It’s such a novelty here. 

We were home and in bed by 8:30 pm. Sleep is a necessity this week because we are very busy and I probably have more to do than I have time for, prior to the ball. It will be a fantastic event. 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Professional development? How much is too much?

The kids were up and getting their goods from the Easter bunny. 

Easter Sunday means nothing to the local schools, but some of my English teachers were wondering if they could leave school early in order to spend Easter with their families. Since there were no students at school on Sunday, it really wasn’t a big deal to let teachers go early. 

My principal wasn’t speaking to me for some reason. But since I have become accustomed to this behavior, it was just another day in paradise. She didn’t even acknowledge me in a room where there were three other teachers. Oh well!

We did a lot of nothing at school and in the end we were able to leave school at noon, but I ended up staying until 2 pm. I needed to submit some data prior to leaving for the day. 

When I got home, we went to drop Stuart’s car off to be serviced. From there, we went to church for a potluck, Easter egg hunt and Easter service. 

This was one of the dyed eggs once it was peeled. 

Jack continues to ask about taking communion. So we are going to look into him having some classes about the Bible so that he fully understands the importance of communion. 

Millie fell asleep at church. So when we got home I washed her feet and hands and threw her into bed. Jack washed his hands and feet and watched a bit of a movie before going to bed. Both kids had showered before we left for church so I wasn’t terribly fussed about them having another shower. 

Once the kids were in bed, I folded a load of laundry, the next to last load of the holiday dirties, and then sat down to watch the latest season of Will and Grace. How did I not know this had made a come back?

Monday morning I got up to walk with Lara. We caught up on some gossip, which is always fun. Once I was at school, I took our English teachers to another school to see how they set up their reading scheme. It was definitely a worthwhile activity. 

After school I met Stuart and the kids at the club for lunch and then a swim in the pool. I actually swam laps while the kids played. 

We got home around 3 pm and watched some television. We then headed back to the club for a committee meeting. Once the meeting was over, I headed home with Millie. Jack stayed at the club with Stuart. 

Millie took a bubble bath and then watched television upstairs for about an hour after she ate. Because the kids are still off of school this week we have been letting them stay up a bit later. She went to bed just as Jack and Stuart got home from Stuart’s rugby training. 

One of the ladies at the church had given me some of her hard boiled eggs that she had dyed. I decided I would make wasabi deviled eggs. They were yummy. That ended up being my dinner. We watched Designated Survivor and then headed to bed. 

My wasabi deviled eggs. 

Tuesday at school we met about our term 2 data. Our data is still not terribly useful, but we do what we must. I met with the English teachers about term 3 and where we were headed. 

Once we were home, we went to Hili Mall to try to find a ball gown for me. I found one I liked but it was too expensive. When we got home, the kids headed out to play with friends. 

Cathy came over and we ordered curry for dinner. She didn’t stay terribly late but since we didn’t have students this week we weren’t terribly concerned about needing sleep. 

Wednesday morning, Sean was off to Australia for 10 days. He was going to see his kids and to be in a wedding. 

At school we had CPR training course, or what resembled one. There’s a story there, and if you want to know it, message me and I will share all of the details. 

After school I went to meet with our cluster manager about the bad practical joke that my principal had played on one of my teachers. Together, we decided it was best if I put in for a transfer next year. We speculated my principal might do the same as she would like to move to Abu Dhabi. So if she decided to transfer, then I could stay, but who knows if that will happen. After my meeting I took Millie to get her hair cut. I’m not sure she’s even had a trim for over a year. Because her hair is so paper thin, the ends were split about 3 inches from the bottom. So that’s about how much we cut off, or maybe even more. 

The mess. 

Chop, chop


After the hair shedding, we picked up our tailoring and then got McDonalds for dinner. Stuart headed to rugby training once Millie and I were home. Then the kids bathed and went to bed. 

Thursday was another day of getting ready for term 3. I went in to tell my principal about transferring. She understood and was probably secretly relieved. I told her I couldn’t work with someone who ignored me for days on end from time to time. She told me that eventually she would share with me why she was upset with me, but was still working through it. Really? 

We hosted a breakfast for the Arabic teachers which they seemed to appreciate. 

We were able to leave school at 11:30 am, which was nice. Stuart and I took the kids for lunch at the new Irish pub, McGettigans. It’s also the place we are having the ball this year. It was fantastic. Hannah let us there and we went over he details got the ball with the manager. Hopefully it’s going to be a wonderful event. 

Once we were home, we went down to have drinks with our friends Kirsti and James. Their daughter Ava is Millie’s best friend, so of course Millie was thrilled. And they live next to one of Jack’s buddies, Louie. So Jack was equally as thrilled. We ended up staying until nearly 9 pm. Jack ended up having Louie for a sleep over. 

The kids needed to dry off and warm up after their dip in the unheated pool. 

Stuart borrow Bryce’s bike to go hom

Friday the kids and Cathy went to Abu Dhabi with me. The kids went to Adventure HQ, while Cathy and I shopped for ball gowns, but came up with nothing. We did eat at Buca di Beppo, which is always my favorite. 

When we got back to Al Ain the kids went out to play for a while. Louie had gone with us to Abu Dhabi and somehow the boys convinced Jane, Louie’s mother, to let them have a sleepover at Louie’s on Friday evening. Millie played at Ava’s and Jack and Louie were off gallivanting around the neighborhood. 

Cathy and Claire came over around 5 pm. We were going to just hang out and possibly do some online shopping for ball dresses. Stuart got home from Dubai, after his day of rugby, around 6 pm. 

We ate leftovers and actually ordered our dresses!  Cathy and Claire left around 8 pm and Millie hit the hay. 

Saturday morning we did a whole lot of nothing. Millie had gone to Ian’s house to play. Jack was still at Louie’s when I left for my lunch with 2 of the other 3 princesses. Before meeting with them, I bought some items for the decorations of the rugby ball. I really hope some of my mom’s and brother’s decorating talent shines through in me. 

We sat and talked and ate for almost 3 hours. It was lovely to catch up with them. Clare wasn’t there as she had family visiting. They left for Dubai around 2 pm, so Scott and Clare came over around 4 pm for a roast dinner with us. It was another fantastic weekend and week. 

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Pattaya did not disappoint, not one single bit!

Sunday we were up and the kids were in the pool at 8 am. I went to get breakfast with May around 10 am. We brought back pork fried rice. It was delightful. 

We rode in a Tuk Truck and went to Art in Paradise, a 3D art museum. It was amazing and the kids loved every minute of it. After the museum, we walked through the main part of the city and ended up in a shopping mall. We ate at the food court and then we did some shopping. We bought sausages for dinner and some crisps and snacks to last us through the week, although they didn’t. 

Our favorite toilet sign. 

Our recreation of the kiss. Not terribly convinced we did it justice. 

We got engaged in a gondola at the Venitian in Vegas. 

Tiny parents, giant children. 

I’m sorry about all of the pictures, but they were all so cool I couldn’t just chose two or three. 

We took a tuk truck back to the villa for swimming. Sausages on the bbq was for the kids’ tea, and we spent the remaining time of the day in the pool. Kids were in bed by 8 and we were giggling in the pool for the next few hours. 

We were up at 8 am on Monday morning and discovered our booking for the Sanctuary of Truth had not gone through. So after breakfast Scott and Clare headed to the tailors to pick up the shirt Scott had made for his interview on Wednesday. The kids went in to play a game of pool and Stuart and I sat on the back patio in the stillness of the morning. It looked as if it would rain, which is common at this time of the year in Thailand. However, we did not get the thrill of a thunderstorm on Monday. 

When Scott and Clare returned we headed to the Sanctuary of Truth. We decided we were just going to take our chances with entry. It was a spectacular site.  The project was initiated in 1981 by a Thai businessman who wanted to feature the architecture of the Ayutthayan period. It is expected to be completed in 2050. It’s obvious it is a work in progress. 

This was on the grounds of the Sanctuary of Truth. This might has been as much fun as climbing through the Sanctuary. 

We had hard helmets because of the construction. I wore mine a bit skewed for style. 

The kids fed this large beast. 

Every carved character was as intriguing as the next. 

The end of every tour must include ice cream and Millie’s messy face. 

At the end of our time at the Sanctuary of Truth we let the older kids ride quads. 

When we returned to the house we swam for a bit. Clare and I decided to go to the market up the road around 4 pm. On the way, we inquired about motorbike rental. We shopped around a bit, then headed to a place to have a beverage. 

While having our cold beverage, we saw our favorite salesman, the broom man. 

When we returned to the house, we all went to the motorbike place and what was going to be a one day rental turned into three days. Oh my goodness, what were we thinking?

We took the motorbikes around the block and then parked them in the back garden of our villa. We then went to dinner. We had some tired, but very anxious, kids we needed To get home and in bed because we knew they would be up at the crack of dawn, begging to go out on our new mode of transport. 

On our way, I decided to scoot across the street to get some socks for Jack and myself. I hadn’t brought enough for the entire week as I had no idea I would be needing my tennis shoes. While crossing the street, Millie decided to come with us at the last minute. I turned to grab her and must have not noticed the older lady coming at me from the other direction. She screamed and stopped immediately. Scott and I both insisted she came out of mid air. The amazing part was that she had a bowl of fried rice in her left hand and didn’t drop a grain of it. I was fascinated by her ability to stop and maintain the bowl of fried rice. I apologized all over myself. In the end, she laughed and headed on her merry way.  

On Tuesday we spent most of the day on the bikes. We went to visit the Big Buddha. We went down by the beach and walked around for a while. We let the kids play at a park/gym for a little bit and then got some ice creams. We hit the bike scene again and went to Cabbages and Condoms. So, why the bizarre name? Simply put, the founder believes that “birth control should be as accessible and as easy to buy as vegetables in the market!” The restaurant uses jokes and fun visuals to overcome reluctance to discuss issues such as sex, family planning, and HIV/AIDS.  The proceeds from the profits made at the restaurant and the resort, The Birds and the Bees, that are attached to each other, goes to sex education programs in Thailand. 

The Russian in Thailand are the bravest beach goers. 

Ice cream face, again. 

The walk way to Cabbages and Condoms. 

Some spectacular sayings to live by. 

This drink was called the blue condom. I think they just needed to use the word condom in all their drink names. 

While we were in the restaurant, and by the way the food was spectacular, there was a thunderstorm. We had timed everything perfectly, without even trying to do so. We sat and enjoyed our lunch with a background of a beautiful shower. 

The rain stopped just as we were getting ready to leave. We got back in our slightly damp motorbikes and headed back to the villa for a swim. We went to the super market to get some provisions. As I was getting back on my motorbike I hit the handle bars and it tipped over....with me underneath it. A few bruises, mostly to my pride, but I would live. 

Once we were back at the villa for the evening, it was a game or two of pool for the dads and boys, and the girls  just chilled on the sofa. Stuart and Scott went out for a take away pizza and then there was more pool time. 

Flamingo bit the dust. 

I woke up on Wednesday morning with a sore shoulder. Old gray mare she ain’t what she used to be. I can only assume when I landed on my forearm, that jarred me a bit, this causes the sore shoulder. Getting old is brutal. 

The kids Skyped Grammie and Pop and we had a nice chat. I then went for a walk with Clare. Once we were back we had breakfast at the house, coffee, and then set off on the motorbikes for the Pattaya Floating Markets, about a 25 minutes ride from our villa. We weren’t exactly sure of the roads but decided to go for it. Once we were there, we opted to just walk around the market. It was cheaper than committing to the boats and we got to see all the stalls. In fact, I think the boats were a gimmick and money maker. 

Whilst at the market, we tried many different foods and drinks. Jack ate crocodile, chicken hearts, stuart had a homemade sausage, we got smoothies, and a slushie in a watermelon. 

Another great bathroom sign. 


The dads and kids decided to rent these car/boats and have a little adventure, with both kids driving the vehicle at some stage in the journey. They got stuck and nearly crashed into a few floating markets, but were saved by the locals, thank goodness. 

The bugs Jack decided NOT to eat. 

We left the floating market and headed toward the villa. We were going to head back to Cabbages and Condoms so we could get a souvenir. However, we got a bit lost and ended up at a chocolate factory. We decided to eat lunch there and grab a sneaky chocolate on our way out. We got back to the villa and settled in for the rest of the evening. The motorbikes were such a good idea and created more adventure than we could have imagined. 

While Scott had his interview, we went and had the fish eat the gook off our feet. Clearly, it was very tickley!

By the way, Scott got the job!

Dinner for the kids was ramen noodles and grilled cheese sandwiches. Clare and I just picked at food while Scott and Stuart went out to Dom Pizza, our new hang out just up the road from the villa. We were all in bed by 10 pm. 

Stuart was up around midnight and barfing his guts up. Then he was up for the following 2 to 3 hours being sick. Lovely. We had both been taking Imodium each day to try to avoid the all too common dodgy belly. Unfortunately, on this night, the bug won. 

By the time we were all awake, Stuart seemed absolutely fine. It’s not terribly uncommon to get a dodgy belly in countries’ whose water isn’t the safest to drink. Fortunately for him, it didn’t last long. 

Thursday morning we left the house around 11 am and decided to go downtown to Ripley’s Believe it or Not. We bought 2 passes to 5 activities and got 2 passes for free. We did a laser maze, Ripley’s Museum, Louis Tussaud’s wax Museum, a 4 D movie, and a laser experience where the kids had to maneuver through laser beams. The day was incredible, and another unexpected surprise. 

We ate at an Irish pub we had passed several times the first few days we were in Pattaya. The name was Dicey Reilly’s. Since our friends, the O’Reilly’s were to come with us on this trip, we felt we owed it to them to eat at this establishment. I had corned beef and cabbage, which in the end made me have a dodgy belly. 

We tried to find and outlet mall, but couldn’t locate it. But I did get my token Starbuck’s mug that had Pattaya on it. 

When we got back to our place, we dropped the motorbikes back at the rental stand and I ran home. I wasn’t exactly sure I was going to make it. I was sick for sure. Something I ate? Who knows. 

I spent the next 4 hours in the bed or on the toilet. It was not nice!  The kids played pool and swam. I’m sure they were also fed dinner but I was not aware of it. The tomaine poison had set in. I pretty much had the chills through the night. 

Friday we set out for a boat trip to an island we were to snorkel and fish. I still wasn’t well, but I wasn’t going to miss any fun. No way! I tried my best to eat something and participate, but definitely struggled. We got back from our tour around 3 pm. 

We all swam and enjoyed our last full day in the pool. Around 5 pm Clare and I set out to find a specific shirt, but turned up empty. We then walked all the way around, what we thought was, the block. It turned out to be a bit longer in the end. The kids and dads were having a beverage at a bar close to the villa. We then decided to walk across the road for our last meal at Dom Pizza. I was hugged by one of the waitresses. We had become ‘regulars’. Again, I struggled to eat. I was still a bit dodgy and feverish. I definitely had it worse than Stuart did. 

Once we were home, the kids hopped in the shower and then went to bed. We stayed up and watched some horrible Ozzie telly. When I finally went to bed I was ridden with a slight fever again. I woke up around midnight in full on sweats. I had to change my jammies. Yuck! 

Once we were all awake Saturday morning, the last preparations for travel took place. The kids had their last swim. We all did our best to clear the fridge of anything edible or drinkable. We continued to play games of pool and then got ready to leave our villa. 

At 11 am the taxi showed up. We had an hour and a half journey to the airport. Our holiday was nearly over. 

Once at the airport, we had a meal at a pub and then did some shopping at Duty Free. The flight boarded just after 6 pm and we spent the next 6 hours flying. I watched The Darkest Hour, which was spectacular. I also watched a few sitcoms that were hilarious. The flight was relatively uneventful. 

We arrived in Dubai just before 9 pm. Passport control was relatively fast. Once we said goodbye to the Richardsons, we called our shuttle from a close by hotel and he came to get us. 

We piled in the car and headed for home. Of course Jack and Millie slept the entire journey. Because I had them to shower before we left the villa, throwing them in bed was not a big deal. However, Jack decided he wanted to shower anyway. 

While he showered, Stuart brought Millie in the house and simply put her in bed. I started in on the laundry and then went up to say good night to Jack. I allowed there to be dirty laundry in the laundry room, even through it goes against my grain. But it was after midnight when I finally got to bed and work was the following morning. 

It was a wonderful week that I didn’t want to end.